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What is a Karaoke mixer amplifier?

A karaoke mixer amplifier is a power amplifier mixing with karaoke function. This is power amplifier, which can power your
passive speakers system. Meanwhile, it is also karaoke mixer, you can insert a microphone and sing songs.

Which function does our karaoke mixer amplifier have?

Frist, we have five groups of microphone input. So don't worry when you have many friends like singing.
Second, sound frequency adjustment: tremble middle bass. All-around adjustment will help you find the best easy way to
Third, We have a lock-up setting for the maximum volume. For example, you can set it at 56dB. It is a way to protect
you karaoke machine.

Fourth, a problem that troubles many people is that the scream noise when singing, which we call it howling. Our device
has a function to eliminating howling. So high volume and much tremble is OK.

What size of room is our KB-8200 suitable for?

Model KB-8200 has a power of 220W each channel. it use Echo+Delay reverb effect, makes the music can get the Hi-Fi
effect. it is suitable of a small size room, such as 4x6 5x6 6x6 sqm.

If you need karaoke amplifiers for middle and large room, you can inquiry us. We have high power choice for you.

KB-8200 karaoke mixer amplifier picture show


1. Quality safety and enviromental care
2. Protection starts when the load resistance is less than 1.5 Ohm.
3. Higher power efficiency with small size and weight.
4. Stability in security. Protection from over-heat, over-current, over-voltage, short-circuits and surge.
5. Electric component from Japannese Toshiba

Karabest KB-8200 Karaoke mixer amplifier technical parameters

Model: KB-8200
Output Power: 220W x 2
MIC frequency range: 40Hz-16kHz
Music frequancy range: 20Hz-20kHz
T.H.D: <0.02%
Signal to Noise Ratio: ≥ 85dB
Input circuit: Class AB
Microphone Input: 5 group
Audio Input: 4 group
Size: 482x150x400 mm
weight: 12.6kg
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  • Model: KB-8200
  • Manufacturer: Karabest

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