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In high definition audio and video KTV new songs, suitable for all karaoke on demand player in the market.

HD 1920 x 1080, DVD 720 x 576 & More feature below.


KB CLOUD allow you to download all your favourite karaoke music videos via your smart device, any where and any time!

No need to sit in front of your home karaoke players and wait for the download. All of our KaraBest karaoke music videos are in HD, no encryption or compression it is suitable for all the Karaoke HDD players in the town! Now, you can update the new released music videos and songs to your home karaoke system with a simple step! What are you waiting for? Contact us for more details! We are ready to serve you! Toll Free : 1300 22288999

現在不需要坐在你的卡拉OK點唱機等待下載歌曲, 有了KB CLOUD 隨時隨地在任何地點任何地方都能通過智能手機或平板電腦下載最新K歌, 同時也能現場播放你心愛的K哥, KB CLOUD 歌曲沒有通過加密和壓縮, 全高清畫質及原唱者, 適合市面上的任何一款卡拉OK點唱機新歌加入

Yearly Subscription fee RM399 only! LIMITED TIME OFFER.

KB CLOUD server app available to all app stores including Android and iOS

Once submitted your order, you will receive an order confirmation email within 24hrs. The email contain your username and password together with the AppStore links, simply click the "App Downloads" button with free !

Our Latest Collections, new KTV songs update everyday every month.

每天每月更新最新歌曲, 随时下载到您的卡拉OK点唱机.

Latest songs download anytime to your karaoke jukebox, HDD Karaoke player & more feature below.

Im Singer 我是歌手
I'm Singer 我是歌手第四季 latest collections, instantly download or sing from the cloud
I'm Singer 鄧紫棋-再見 Mandarin
I'm Singer 我是歌手-鄧紫棋-再見 Mandarin
I'm Singer Shila Amzah-再見 Mandarin
I'm Singer 我是歌手-Shila Amzah-再見 Mandarin
龍千玉-再見 Hokkien
龍千玉-唱人生 Hokkien

Latest Collections

All language KTV karaoke library.  

By language
Pretty smart search function. 聪明的搜索功能
Search by Malay : Cinta Tak Seperti Gaun - Yulia Citra
Search by Korea : Solo Day - B1A4
Search by English : Water Under The Bridge - Adele

Advance Powerful Search Engine  

The search function is pretty smart.聪明的搜索功能.

Search by singer 歌手搜索
Search by singer 歌手搜索
Search by folder's 文件夾搜索
Search by folder's 文件夾搜索
Search by Just watchhed 最近觀賞搜索
Search by Just watched 最近觀賞搜索
Search by song 歌曲搜索
Search by song's 歌曲搜索
Search by Just release 最新推出搜索
Search by Just release 最新推出搜索
Search by Just added 最新添加搜索
Search by Just added 最新添加搜索
Instantly download from the cloud

More Advance features - Download from the cloud

Download & Added new songs anytime anywhere for all karaoke HDD player in the market.

KaraBest on the cloud is a perfect app for those who love to sing and can download HD songs anytime anywhere, all songs are not encrypted or compressed suitable for adding new songs to all karaoke players/jukebox in the market.
更先进的功能 - 智能手機高清歌曲云端下载
超过千首最新的高清MTV卡拉OK歌曲, 每月更新, 您可从巨大的卡拉OK歌库任您选择您的心意K歌, KB CLOUD 歌曲沒有通過加密或壓縮, 全高清畫質及原唱者, 適合市面上的任何一款卡拉OK點唱機新歌加入

More Advance features - Sing via AirPlay  

Downloaded new songs not only allow you to add to your karaoke player/jukebox it also allow you to SING ANYWHERE on any device, and your TV with AirPlay™, Roku® and Chromecast™, anytime in high definition audio and video.

Karaoke More fun AirPlay
Karaoke More fun via AirPlay

More Advance features - Pretty Smart Watchlist   

Selected songs of your choice from huge karaoke songs library

KaraBest huge karaoke songs
KaraBest huge karaoke songs library

Rule the party from the palm of your hand, your music. your voice.


Limited time offer RM399 for 1 year Subscription + 1 time setup fee RM100(waive) :

Order online and we'll waive your setup fee (RM100 value - limited offer)

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