Karabest KB-99 Pro 350w

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KARABEST OnStage Collection Included:
1. Karabest KB-6800 Karaoke Mixer 1 unit
2. Karabest KB-WA1200 600w Power Amplifier 1 unit
3. Karabest KB-PA2000 1000w Power Amplifier 1 unit
4. Karabest KB-T12 Pro 12" woofer (Fully imported from B&C 250-8G model drive) 1 pair
5. Karabest LS-18 Pro 18" woofer 600w Subwoofer 2 unit 
Tota Price Package RM 28,999.00, Original Pricce RM 36,999.00

Why you need a karaoke mixer?
In the karaoke audio system, you need a wonderful voice effect when you are singing. Karaoke mixer is a
device that you can adjust the sound frequency. Tremble Middle Bass

What function does our karaoke mixer have?
First, you can put in five group of microphones. wired and wirelss microphone will be OK. Three in front panel,
two in back panel. So don't worry when you have many frends when singing.

Second, the echo reverb effect will make your voice wonderful. When singing, it is easy to make you like a pop
star. Tremble, middle and bass for your frequency control. Free singing, extraodinary effect.

Thirdly, this karaoke mixer has 5.1 channels output. It can satisfy your need of perfect stereo speakers
system: 2 main speakers, left central speaker, right central speaker, surrounding speaker and one sub woofer
speaker. So when you have a large size karaoke room, it is necessary for you.

Which are the Important features you must know?
You know that when you are singing at a very large volume, the noise will come, which we call it howling.
This device has a function to eliminating howling.

Technical Parameters
Brand Name: KaraBest
Model Number: KB-6800
Product Name: karaoke mixer
Channel: 6 channel
Function: pre amplifier; sound effector
Application: ktv room,home theater, karaoke system
Panel: alluminum with led display
Circuit: transistor
microphone input: 5 groups
LED display: clear and large
Input Channel 2
Output Channel 6
Sampling Width 24
Sampling Rate 48K
Input GEQ 2X31bands
Input PEQ 7bands
Input Delay 0-5000ms
Input Delay Step 21us
Output PEQ 7bands
Output Delay 0-5000ms
Gross Weight 3Kg
Size 480X190X50mm

Technical parameters
Model: PA-2000 Pro
Rated power (8ohm): 2 x 1000w
Rated power (4ohm): 2 x 1500w
Bridging power (8ohm): 2000w
Frequency inspones: +/-0.1dB(10Hz---20KHz)
S/N Ratio: 112dB
THD: 0.0001%@8ohm 1KHz 3w
Input sensitivity: 0.7,1.0,1.44 choose
Net weight: 35Kg
Dimensions: 480 x 525 x 140mm

Technical parameters
Model: WA-1200 Pro
Stereo power (8ohm): 600w x 2
Stereo power (4ohm): 1200w x 2
Bridging power (8ohm): 1800w
Frequency response: +/-0.1dB, 20Hz-20KHz
S/N Ratio: 110dB
THD: 0.01% 8ohm Rated Power 1KHz
Input impedance: 10k/20k
Sensitivity: 0,775v
Net weight: 19.8Kg
Dimensions: 480 x 460 x 92mm

Technical parameters
Model: KB-T12 Pro
Speaker Range: 54Hz-20KHz
Woofer: LF:12"  Tweeter: HF 1 Driver
Impedance: 8ohms
Sensitivity: 98dB
Maximum Sound Pressure: 132dB
Rated Power: 400w
Coverage Angle: 90* x 70*
Enclosure: 15mm
Net Weight: 24.3Kg
Dimensions: 365 x 390 x 600mm
Import cone bass, treble using imported italian B&C 250-8G model drive 

600W karaoke nightclub use single 18" subwoofer
Product Description
1.Single 18 inch subwoofer speakers 600W RMS power output with a sensitivty of 99 dB. Its vigrous
sub effect will shock your heart, making you forget your anxiety and get relax.
2. LS-18 is a high power passive speaker, you need a 1000W amplifier to power it.
3. This subwoofer is good choice for KTV rooms, night clubs and stages where sub frequency range is needed.

How about the cabinet and painting?
Material of the cabinet is plywood, which is 25mm, Very rigid construction. Painting effect as showed in the
product pictures. It is wear-resistance and has a classical beauty.

Technical parameters
Model: LS-18 Pro
Speaker system: Sub Bass
Frequency range: 37Hz-250Hz
Woofer configuration: LF:18 x 1
Impedance: 8ohms
Sensitivity: 99dB
Maximum sound pressure: 130dB
Rated power: 600w
Enclosure: 25mm plywood
Net weight: 50Kg
Dimensions: 650 x 710 x 700mm

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